Using Open Banking to manage, optimise and file taxes. For SMEs, untied incorporates other needs such as sending and requesting payments

About untied

untied is the UK’s personal tax app.

untied enables gig workers, freelancers, property landlords, and high earners to get on top of their personal taxes.

untied is the only end-to-end app enabling users to link their bank accounts, make tax sense of their transactions and file directly to the UK tax authority HMRC. The app even logs mileage expenses automatically.

untied is the first Open Banking app recognised by HMRC for the new generation of tax reporting - Making Tax Digital for Income Tax. The business is now looking at other tax systems that will benefit from its approach.

What's the open banking use case?

untied integrates Open Banking alongside other data sources to give users a full picture of their finances, enabling them to tag their transactions as income and expenses, set rules, use insights to optimise, and then file their tax returns directly from this data--all from your mobile phone or in your web browser.

untied also enables open banking payments to be requested from third parties, tagging these automatically as income when received. Sending open banking enabled tax payments to HMRC from the app also reduces the risk of errors and fraud through a seamless and secure end-to-end process.

untied screenshots

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