Using Open Banking to reconcile business accounts

About QuickBooks

Intuit QuickBooks was one of the first companies to be registered as an Account Information Service Provider (AISP) back in February 2018. Their experience with financial data management has allowed Quickbooks to work with key stakeholders in Open Banking to create a secure, reliable and simple experience for consumers. Quickbooks are committed to delivering only the highest quality solution to their customers.

Import up to 2 years of transactions for rich financial insights and run up-to-the-minute cash flow reports based on all of your banks and credit cards to see your forecasts for the next 30 days. Get your time back when your bank transactions are instantly pulled into QuickBooks and reconciled for you. You can automatically upload your receipts and track your mileage too.

What's the open banking use case?

Connect your banks and credit cards to QuickBooks for a complete, real-time view of all your finances and cash flow. Save time with reliable data that shows you where you stand. Access instant, accurate data from seamless bank connections. There’s no need to juggle different financial apps — everything you need is in QuickBooks.

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