Using Open Banking for debt collection

About Flexys

Flexys is working with a number of customers on data projects using machine learning and sentiment analysis to pick up on certain behaviour patterns. The same technology will also alert companies when a customer looks likely to default on payment, so they can provide the necessary support and advice as early as possible. They’ve created a self-service platform to help the customers work together with businesses to resolve their debt issues.

What's the Open Banking use case?

The solution requests access to a customer’s bank account, using open banking standards and with the customer’s permission it then collects and analyses all their transactions to calculate an accurate monthly disposable income figure. From this the system can formulate a sustainable repayment plan. The banking details are not shared with anyone, including the lender, but are used purely to help the borrower reach a repayment agreement they can adhere to. Customers can make their repayment easily online, removing the hassle and embarrassment traditionally associated with taking debt management calls.

Flexys screenshots

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