Using Open Banking to manage the cash flows of a business

About Cegid

Cegid launched a new generation of collaborative portal. More open, more modern, simpler, more customizable and natively available on a mobile application, this new Collaborative Portal aims to support entrepreneurs in the management of their business. The objective is also to help them to be more efficient, by facilitating the digitization of their exchanges with their professional entourage, including the accountant, who holds a privileged place.

What's the Open Banking use case?

With Bridge, Cegid is therefore arming itself with the latest technologies offered by Open Banking. The objective is to enable the 200,000 small businesses already connected to the Cegid Collaborative Portal to benefit from monitoring their bank flows and cash flow, even within the portal's most used solutions: Cegid Box, Cegid Devis-Facture, Cegid Loop Accounting. Making the financial processes of entrepreneurs more reliable and more fluid is a priority.

Cegid is powered by Bridge

Cegid screenshots

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