Krea Företagslån

Using Open Banking to enable invoice factoring

About Krea Företagslån

Krea is a specialised marketplace for SME financing. Founded on a vision to empower small and medium-sized companies, the Stockholm based lending solution helps customers access business loans with minimum friction and the best possible terms. Krea’s platform connects the largest network of lenders in Sweden — exposing SMEs to a catalogue of loan offers and a vast range of loan terms to suit their specific needs. Krea is entirely free for customers, and their loan applications are non-binding.

What's the Open Banking use case?

Krea’s platform facilitates digital loan applications across multiple lenders and an intuitive comparison tool to support SME decision-making. Crucially, their data-orientated approach involves the use of Open Banking to build representative customer profiles to help lenders make fair risk assessments and provide small businesses with competitive lending rates.

Krea is powered by Klarna

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