Koyo Loans

Using Open Banking to enabled credit decisioning

About Koyo Loans

Koyo Loans is an unsecured lender offering loans from £100 to £5,000 over 12 to 36 months and they offer loans to customers who are new to credit, or have no credit history at all due to being new to the country.

What's the Open Banking use case?

In 2018, Koyo became the first company to use Open Banking data for credit decisions. Conventional credit checks look at whether would-be borrowers have a history of paying back loans. If you’ve never taken out a loan, even though you’ve never missed a payment, traditional lenders find it hard to offer credit - because you don’t yet have a track record.

This is another advantage of an Open Banking lender: unlike traditional credit checks, Open Banking data can be used to verify information and focus more on affordability. That means that Open Banking lenders don’t have to rely on what someone else says about you when you apply for a loan: they can base decisions on creditworthiness on real data.

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