equensWorldline - Account-based Payments

About equensWorldline - Account-based Payments

With an explicit consent based on Strong Customer Authentication, the account holder (consumer) is able to pay for goods or services in physical stores and online shops by initiating an (instant) credit transfer from his bank account to the account of the merchant. With lower fees and higher speed and security, the Account-based Payments become an interesting alternative to the traditional payment methods such as card payment or direct debit. We offer the connection to all major European banks and the technical processing of the payment transaction including routing, reconciliation and refunds.

equensWorldline - Account-based Payments features

  • Initiation of (instant) credit transfers from the consumer to the merchant bank account
  • Pay page for bank and account selection
  • Retrieval of status of the initiated payment
  • Support of cross-border payments ( and Target2)
  • Connection to more than 3.000 European banks in 19 countries with a single interface
  • Merchant onboarding
  • Merchant portal
  • Possibility of refund (for merchants)

equensWorldline - Account-based Payments screenshots

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